Fogo Island

I'll be spending this coming summer off the coast of Newfoundland, at the Fogo Island Arts Corp.

Fogo Island is far away and takes forever to get to. It's got a fishing economy, a wild history, and a world-famous accordion group. And it's being remade. The Arts Corp. studios are designed by a local architect, and remind me of something out of Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

Things on my Fogo to-do list so far:
Start novel #2.
Eat a partidgeberry jam tart at Nicole's Growler's.
Write essay about children of homeless parents.
Go to (and throw) a kitchen party.
Read Infinite Jest, all the way through this time.
Spend time in towns with names like Seldom, Tilting, and Joe Batt's Arm.
Go all crazy chasing aurorae.