Hotel Rex

I once knew a tortoise named Rex...

No, that's not the start of a raunchy limerick. But it should be.

I'm reading February 26, with the fab Portuguese Artist Colony, at Hotel Rex, Union Square, San Francisco. The place has a library bar. WHOMP.

Peter freakin Orner will be reading with me--and there's a band, avec fiddler!--hot damn!

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Anonymous said...

Hi kelly

This is Mike from On A Junket.

A few years back you submitted your story, "Show Me, Shouyo" to onajunket.com

I lost your email, and this is the only way to contract you. I would like to discuss about purchasing the rights to that story. It is still on our website, but we would like to use it for a printed magazine.

Please contact me at pushon@onajunket.com