Wanna Make Out?

Dear San Francisco, would you let me get to literary second base with you? How about tomorrow night around 8pm?

I will wear a pretty dress.

I will have drink tickets for at least two of you.

Is that a maybe? Maybe means yes!

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Sandwiched Writer said...

Hello. I'm new to the blog world (though not new to writing) ... and am participating in a campaign to increase readership. Part of the campaign requires that bloggers seek out new blogs and pass along "awards" as a way to build traffic. I've found few "literary" writers within the campaign, so looked to some of my favorite literary journals ... and, thus, arrived here.

I've passed the award on to you (noted you on my blog). If you'd like to participate, it's just a matter of following instructions on my blog. If not, I appreciated the chance to read some of your work.